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To get a general idea on what Mo+ and the Mo+ Solution Builder is, watch Introduction to Mo+ and the Mo+ Solution Builder (


The following articles provide additional information on Mo+:
  • Mo+ - An evolution of the template based code generator - This Code Project article compares Mo+ with two template based code generators, CodeSmith, and T4. The same code generation is solved with each method, and then the results are compared. It shows how more complex problems can be handled easily by Mo+ where they are difficult with approaches similar to CodeSmith and T4. (
  • Mo+ - Using the Power of Model Oriented Development to Improve a Legacy System (nopCommerce) - This Code Project article shows how Mo+ can improve a legacy system by showing a real world example, the popular nopCommerce open source e-commerce solution. With a day's worth of work, using Mo+ nearly tripled the number of persistence unit tests on the project (from 130-312), and improved the quality, coverage, and consistency of the tests in general. (

How To Tutorials

The following tutorials describe how to use Mo+ and the Mo+ Solution Builder, and how to perform various tasks. The lower numbered tutorials cover simpler topics, while higher numbered ones delve deeper into features and capabilities.
  • 06a Update Multi-Tier Application SQL Server - Learn how to maintain and apply customizations to a multi-tier solution from a SQL Server database loaded solution model (

On Board Help

Also, if you download and install the Mo+ Solution Builder, there is on board help that provides a detailed how to and reference.

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